The 1st OIC International Forum on Islamic Tourism Jakarta, Indonesia 2 – 3 June 2014.


The member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are considering ways of boosting Islamic Tourism during the 1st International Forum of the Organisation on Islamic Tourism in Jakarta. The forum is attended by representatives of 27 OIC member states, relevant institutions, private sector and civil society organisations.

OIC secretary-general, Iyad Ameen Madani in a message delivered on his behalf by OIC assistant secretary-general for economic affairs, ambassador Hameed Opeloyeru, traced the significance of the forum on Islamic Tourism to consolidation of gains made in area of Islamic Finance and establishment of OIC Halal standards.

He explained that a major component of Islamic Tourism was development of Shariah-compliant hotels and resorts, entertainment and sport facilities, in addition to visits to Islamic cultural sites, promotion of Halal food and drinks, and family dedicated swimming and spa areas, among others.

The secretary-general expressed hope that outcome of the forum would increase awareness on opportunities available in Islamic tourism sector. This would therefore scale-up attractiveness of heritage and cultural tourism for ever-increasing population of Muslim travellers.




イスラム協力機構(OIC)加盟国は、ジャカルタで開催された第1回イスラムツーリズム国際フォーラムにおいて、イスラムツーリズムを世界で促進する方法を検討会議が行われた。フォーラムは27 のOIC の加盟国、関連機関、民間部門および市民社会の組織の代表者が出席。日本からはJHCPO Kato が公式に参加。





"Islamic One World" JHCPO has this philosophy. Muslims, from the Islamic perspective, are a one nation that includes multiple peoples, multiple races, languages and homelands.